Information and amenities

    Where can I find a map of the park? Printed maps are available at the main entrance of the park and the hotel’s front desk.

    Where can I find today’s program? The program for the day, including show and display times, is available at the main entrance of the park as well as online.

    Where can I find children’s wristbands for contact information? You can pick up wristbands for your kids just inside the main entrance, on your right. Write your contact information on it so that someone will be able to reach you in case you lose track of your child.

    Are there accessible washrooms and baby changing tables in the park? There are changing tables in bathrooms of all areas except the Zoo School and the Colosseum. Accessible washrooms are located in all areas except the Zoo School.

    Can I buy rainwear and umbrellas at the park? All our gift shops sell rain ponchos and umbrellas. The ponchos are also available at the ticket office.

    Can I rent a pull-along wagon or a stroller? You can rent a pull-along wagon for 50 SEK just inside the main entrance. In the same place you can also rent a stroller for 80 SEK.

    Food and drink

    How many restaurants are there in the park? On any given day, you’ll find 3–10 restaurants open, offering a variety of menus. There are also numerous refreshment and ice cream stands.

    Do you cater for special dietary requirements, such as gluten or lactose free? Almost all our restaurants cater for special dietary requirements. We also offer multiple vegetarian options. If you have a special dietary requirement, please tell the staff when you order and they will help you.

    Payment and admission

    Where can I purchase admission passes? You can buy passes on arrival at Kolmården, from the ticket offices adjacent to the car park.

    What does the admission pass cover? Your admission pass covers all the attractions, shows and displays in the park. That includes the Dolphin Show Life and Bird of Prey Show Wings, unlimited rides in all attractions,such as thrilling Wildfire and the unique Safari gondola, and the World of Bamse.

    Can I pay in euros in the park? All cash registers in the park accept payment in euros, but you’ll get a better exchange rate at a bank or currency exchange. Change is given in Swedish kronor.

    Are there any cash machines in the park? There is an ATM just outside the main entrance of the park. You can also obtain cash back with your debit card or a cash advance with your Visa or MasterCard (up to 500 kronor) at the ticket office, the Entrance Shop, the World of Bamse shop and the Seaside Store in Marine World. Cash advances are not available to American Express and Diners cardholders.

    Can I pay by credit or debit card? All our ticket offices, shops, games and restaurants accept credit and debit card payments.


    Am I allowed to barbecue in the park? Because of the fire risk, we do not allow visitors to barbecue or light fires anywhere in the park.

    Am I allowed to bring my pets to the park? Pets are not allowed inside the park. We do not recommend that animals be left unattended in your car either. We therefore recommend leaving your pets at home or boarding them during your visit. There are several dog boarding kennels near the park, including: Björnmossens Hundpensionat: +46 73 078 8198 Timmergata Hundpensionat: +46 73 388 5782

    Am I allowed to smoke in the park? Our goal is to have a smoke-free park, so we ask any visitors wishing to smoke to use the smoking areas located in various places around the park. Smoking areas are indicated by a white sign with a black lighter, and the same symbol is used to show their locations on the park map.