Welcome to Furuvik!

Tickets for 2020!

Experience exciting animal encounters, a fast-paced amusement park, a splashing water land and magical concert nights.

Single daySeason card
  • Admission Child

    Single day admission. 3-12 years old.

  • Admission Adult

    Single day admission. 13 years old and up.

Welcome to Furuvik!

Would you like to learn more about our closest relative, walk in the rainforest among boas with pygmy marmosets jumping around above your head and walk among the lemur families, where one just might land on your shoulder?

Or perhaps you would like to let loose the butterflies in your belly and visit our amusement park, where thrilling rides are waiting to take you on an exciting journey! Or would you like to visit the largest snake of the North, Sweden’s tiniest horse and go on a kangaroo safari?