Furuvik Live is back!

    Welcome to a magical summer with lots of concerts! Furuvikskortet (season ticket) cost just SEK 945 och gives you free entry all summer - even to all concert nights.🎤

    Security during concert nights:

    Read more about the safety rules that apply during the concert evenings.

    Dogs during concert nights

    For safety reasons, it is not allowed to have dogs at Tyrol or in the direct audience during concert nights. Dogs are still welcome in the outdoor seating area at Cirkus and in other parts of the funfair.

    Carts, boxes and wheelchairs

    We direct guests in wheelchairs to the designated platform to the left of the Circus Restaurant. For safety reasons, guests with wheelchairs are not allowed to stand in the crowd or in the crowd in front of the stage.

    We also ask those of you with carts or crates to put them a little apart if you want to stand in the audience.

    Traffic to and from the concert

    We always recommend you get to the park by bus or train. We are right next to the train station and the bus stop.

    At a concert, we always expect a lot of guests and our parking spaces are limited. If you arrive at the park late, we recommend you take the train or bus because our car parks are often already full with day visitors.