The Adventure Pool

    Cool off in Furuvik's Adventure Pool – perfect for taking a break on hot summer days.

    The Adventure Pool is just to the right behind the Main Entrance, surrounded by lush greenery. Around the pool there is a wooden deck and large areas of grass where you can eat your picnic. There are also showers, bathrooms, changing rooms and an ice cream kiosk.

    Good to know when visiting the pool

    • All guests who visit the pool must wear bathing trunks, a bathing suit, bikini or burkini.
    • Children may use a bathing diaper.
    • With regards to hygiene swimwear made of cotton or similar materials are not allowed.
    • Snorkeling gear and pool toys are not allowed due to risk of transmission.
    • Using arm puffs or life jackets is permitted. Arm puffs can be bought in the pool kiosk.
    • The pool is heated and usually has a temperature of about 22 °C and 26 °C. This may change due to weather.
    • We reserve the right to close parts of or the entire pool due to repairs, cleaning, poor weather conditions, etc. Compensation is not given due to this.

    Rules of conduct

    Here at Furuvik's water park, we prioritize safety and comfort for all our guests. To ensure a pleasant and safe swimming experience, we kindly ask you to follow our rules:

    • Swimwear: Only swimwear is allowed in our pools.
    • Shower requirement: Please shower before entering the pool to contribute to a clean and hygienic environment.
    • No running: To avoid accidents, don’t run in the pool area.
    • No jumping from the edge: For safety reasons, we ask you not to jump or dive from the pool edges.
    • Different water depths: Be aware of the varying water depths in our pools.
    • Parental/guardian responsibility: For children's safety, ensure that you as a parent or guardian closely supervise them and act as a role model for other visitors.
    • Flotation devices: Only inflatable armbands are allowed as flotation devices in the pool.
    • Swim diaper: When children who use diapers bathe, please make sure they are wearing a swim diaper to ensure hygiene.
    • No pool toys: To avoid disruptions and risks, the use of pool toys in our pools is prohibited.
    • Photography: You are only allowed to take photos of your own company, no other guests.

    We thank you for your understanding and cooperation in following these rules, which help us create a safe and enjoyable environment for all our guests.