Pelle Svanslös invites you to a new show!

    Join the adventure in our new show "Pelle Svanslös & the (cat)astrophe in the candy factory". It's a story about when Måns, the sneaky cat, plans to rob Maja Gräddnos´s candy factory in the middle of the night. But the question is: do his friends Bill and Bull know about his evil plans? They accompany him to the store hoping to taste the sweet candies, but things don't turn out quite as planned...

    It's not just an exciting performance that awaits you here. You also get the opportunity to meet and hug Pelle and his friends, shop in Maja Gräddnos's Gosaker and test your skills in Pelle's own cat hunt. So bring the whole family and join us on an adventure you won't soon forget!

    pelle ny logga teater

    These activities with Pelle will be in the park this summer and are included in your entrance ticket

    - Pelle Tailless children's show
    Several times every day, a brand new funny and fast-paced show is played for the whole family on Lilla Scen.

    - Meet Pelle Svanslös and his friends
    Walk around Pelle's place and meet both him and several of his friends. A meet and greet that the children will soon forget!

    - Shop for goodies at Maja Gräddnos
    At Maja you will find a new lovely and playful candy shop where you can buy exciting sweets and other goodies.

    - Join Pelle Svanslös (S) cat hunt
    Welcome to a clever and exciting treasure hunt for the whole family. Can you help Pelle find the treasure?